Planting trees - Building hope !


         Members of Lelisa Garo CBO planting trees (Elu Ababora Zone,Alle Wereda, Cheri Wobe Kebele)

Teshome Teferi lives in Cheri Wobe kebele in Alle Wereda of Elu Ababora zone. He is a young member and the chairman of Lelisa Garo, a local community-based organization (CBO) established in 2020. The CBO envisions to revitalize natural forests of the area and reforest barren lands of the woreda.

According to Teshome, the area that the community is  planning to reforest this rainy season is demarcated as a communal land.


Teshome Teferi, Chairman of Lelisa Garo Local CBO  

 (Elu Ababora Zone, Alle Wereda, Cheri Wobe Kebele)                                          


“Experts of the Oromia Forested Landscape Program consulted and promised us provision of basic supports required to engage in reforestation and afforestation activities. They also advised and trained us how to carry out the afforestation/ reforestation activities and its advantage as well.” Said Teshome while explaining how his fellow members and himself started working as a group in the CBO.

Based on the training he and other members have acquired, Teshome says, they soon started looking for more people to join them. They succeeded to get more members to whom they shared the knowledge and skills they acquired from experts’ advice and the training. Currently, the Lelise Garo CBO has 33 members who are engaging in the forest development and activity in their kebele.

Teshome believes that their work would bring significant environmental advantage and it contributes for climate change mitigation. Also, they would in the long run, get related benefit so that they can improve their living. Hence, he advises the youths in his kebele to engage  in similar activities. Mrs Segedu Birhanu is one of the members of the CBO. She says the training she attended has boosted the insight about significance of tree planting and nurturing.


Mrs Segedu  Birhanu, member of Lelisa Garo CBO

Elu Ababora Zone, Alle Wereda

“If we plant more trees, we will have more forests; and the weather would be conducive for living and agriculture. We would get adequate water and clean air as well. Hence, the area would be good and safe us, for our cattle and for wildlives as well. This would also be promising for the coming generation.” Says Mrs Segedu.

Moreover, she would like to encourage other people in her kebele to join the CBO and engage in similar activities. Teshome fully agrees with his fellow member on encouraging more people, youth in particular, to the CBO.

“The youth, especially those who are jobless, should learn from what we are doing and engage in similar activities. Because, together we can change our village by planting and nurturing trees; we can also benefit a lot and grant better life for the coming generation.” says Teshome. 

Mr Kifle Bogale OFLP Wereda Coordinator at Alle cluster of Elu Ababora Zone, says the effectiveness of OFLP supported forest investment activities have been improving since the program launched in his cluster.  He also witnesses the promising results being observed on the forest development sector more than ever before.