OFLP Stakeholders’ Consultation proceeds in Jima Zone

 14 November 2022, Jima   

The Oromia Forested Landscape Program (OFLP) has been conducting successive stakeholders’ consultation in selected towns of Oromia to address key implementing actors across Oromia. The principal objective of the event is, hence to impart the contemporary status of the Program to zonal and wereda level stakeholder, create awareness on the ongoing Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) activities and discuss effective implementation of Result-based Benefit Sharing plan.   

The occasion has been previously held in five zones: Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne, West Showa, East Showa, South West Showa and North Showa zones. Same event has been held in Jima Town. Accordingly, representatives of relevant implementing sectors/stakeholders drawn from 20 weredas across Jima zone have taken part.   

On the vent, relevant materials were presented on Program overview, current status and the so far achievement, Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement and Benefit Sharing Plan. Due discussion has also been held regarding how to effectively implement ERPA and Benefit Sharing Plan in a more coordinated manner. 

As a result, Participants have agreed to consolidate collaboration, further strengthen emission reduction activities and discharge their utmost responsibilities toward effective implementation of ERPA and Result-based Benefit Sharing Plan. Similar event will continue in the remaining zones of Oromia.                

It is estimated that effective and coordinated Emission Reduction activities in Oromia have the potential to reduce more than 45 million tons of Carbon dioxide.  

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