OFLP Conducts Central Cluster Coordination Meeting

27 October 2022, Adama

The Oromia Forested Landscape Program (OFLP) has conducted a one day coordination meeting in Adama Town to discuss ways of further consolidating landscape level emission reduction efforts. Accordingly, Participants drawn from relevant government sectors, NGOs and initiatives operating in the central and Eastern Oromia cluster as well as individual farmers who have carried out exemplary Afforestation/Reforestation activities have taken part.  

Coordinator of the Oromia Forested Landscape Program Ato Taye Dugasa, speaking at the onset of the event, disclosed that the objective of the meeting was to deepen existing coordination among key implementing actors and partners to a higher level thereby consolidating landscape level emission reduction efforts. Given that OFLP is moving forward with ERPA signing, Taye underlined that scaling up existing coordination is vital than ever in order to insure effective implementation of the ongoing Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement and benefit sharing plan. On the occasion, relevant materials on the issue were presented. Selected partners and model farmers who have carried out exemplary emission reduction activities have also presented their experiences.                              

Ato Mesfine Desalegn was one of the model farmers who have presented their best experiences to participants. He is an exemplary farmer living in Kaso Abo Kebele of Wuchale wereda in North Showa zone. In addition to the regular farming activity, Mesfine has been planting and nurturing various species of indigenous tree since 2008.

‘‘Landslide is a common problem in our kebele. My farm land had been severely affected by the phenomenon. As a result of the training I got from the wereda experts, I understood that landslide could be cured by planting trees. Then, I started planting trees on over ten hectares of devastated land. The area has now been rehabilitated and became forest. As a result, the landslide has stopped. My future plan is to convert the area into a protected park’’  

Finally, due discussion was made on the subject and that participants agreed to consolidate existing coordination to a higher level and discharge their responsibilities for effective implementation of ERPA. 

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