OFLP Livelihood Support Reaching out Local Community

20 December 2021

The local forest development cooperative, ‘Qaabatoo Tokkoffaa’, is one of OFLP supported CBOs that have accomplished an exemplary Afforestation/Reforestation activity. It is based in Fugo Serda kebele ,Becho wereda of EAB zone. It has 91 members with 22 of them female.

Members of the cooperative have successfully reforested 4.1 hectares of degraded land in their locality. In so doing, they have planted and nurtured over 12,000 trees since the CBO was established in 2019. The area has now been, changed into forest. As a result, ‘Qaabatoo Tokkoffaa’ has succeeded to be one of the CBOs in the wereda that have benefitted OFLP’s livelihood support grant. Accordingly, its members have received 125,000 birr that has enabled them to engage in animal fattening.    

Youth Desalegn Arega is chairman of the cooperative. He says, he and members of his cooperative are so glad to receive the livelihood grant as this would significantly help them  improve the living and further strengthen their activity.    

Youth Desalegn Arega speaking to OFLP Communication team

He also explains their plan to uphold their income: 

‘‘We are so motivated to work harder and further scale up our capital so as to improve the livelihood of CBO members. We are, hence planning to intensify our income by increasing the number of oxen and starting milk and honey production. Also, we want to grow spices in the forest.’’

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