Local Community Benefiting from OFLP Livelihood Support

14 November 2021, Bore Woreda  

Ato Dembi Wako is the chairman of Buche who was born and raised in the village where the cooperative is located. He knows the history and features of the land his cooperative has now successfully reforested, and has seen how the area has tremendously changed over the last couple of years.

‘‘Few decades ago, this area was known in local language as ‘Lafa Dammaa’ which means ‘Land of Honey’. This is because the area had been covered with dense forest and the surrounding people used to harvest ample honey from the forest. Also, there had been various types of wild lives such as: colobus monkeys, monkeys and wild pigs. Gradually, however, the trees were cut and the forest converted to an open grazing land; as a result, all the wild lives have disappeared’’ said Ato Dembi.

Ato Dembi said that the reforestation activities have considerably improved the environment, biodiversity and the community; in fact, some wild animals are returning to the area. He added that he and all the CBO members are so glad to see the area recovered after two years of hard work and that their cooperative is among the CBOs selected to get livelihood support.

Eyasu Mekuria is a 24 years old youth member of the coop. He is married and makes his living as a farmer ploughing a small parcel of land entitled to his father as he has no plot of his own. In 2019, Eyasu joined Buche and has been an active member since then.

Eyasu says his income is such that he has always been thinking of getting additional earnings to support his family. To this effect, the livelihood support he has received is helping him generate more income and improve his living. He bought a sheep, who gave birth to a lamb after a month. Eyasu has a plan to invest more on sheep rearing so that he could get more income by selling their offspring.

Portion of the Reforested Plot, (Litu Goda A/R Site, Bore Wereda)

Members of the cooperative explained their plan to further strengthen their capacity and the efficacy of their activities. The livelihood support has further motivated them to intensify their Afforestation/Reforestation efforts to rehabilitate their village and sustain the practice.

                  OFLP Team of Experts Discussing with CBO members (Bore wereda, Litu Goda Kebele)        

As part of its livelihood intervention, the OFLP has so far disbursed about 19 million ETB to 100 local cooperatives engaged in Afforestation/Reforestation and Participatory Forest Management activities. The project is planning to distribute an additional 30 million ETB to reach out to other cooperatives.  The local CBO, Buche, is one of the cooperatives who benefitted from the fund. It has received a total of 143,000 ETB and 68 of its members have benefited from livelihood support.

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