OFLP Conducts Safeguard Management TOT, Review Meeting

20 September 2021, Adama

The Oromia Forested Landscape Program has provided TOT to its entire staff on implementation of REDD+ Safeguard instruments and principles and carried out overall review meeting. 

 The two days’ training organized in Adama Town is aimed at further scaling up awareness and professional skills of OFLP staff on the matter. It is hence expected to enable and pave way for profound and comprehensive implementation of REDD+ Safeguard instruments and principles across the intervention areas of OFLP and other landscape-based initiatives. Safeguard Instruments, Environmental Impact Assessment, Grievance Redress Mechanism, Livelihood Options, Gender Mainstreaming and Environmental and Social Audit were the main topics addressed by the training.

Ato Tesfaye Gonfa, OFLP Coordinator, speaking on the commencement of the event stressed that Safeguard issues are among the core strategic pillars of the program. Hence, he urged trainees to give due attention to the training and discharge all their responsibilities, than ever, to insure proper implementation of safeguard instruments and principles in a comprehensive manner at all areas of program intervention.    

 Meantime, OFLP has conducted two days’ overall review meeting aimed at appraising current status and progress of project activities, identifying strengths and limitation and discuss ways of upholding efficiency of program activities over the remaining period of its implementation.               

Summarized performance reports of all clusters were presented by respective lead facilitators and safeguard coordinators. Moreover, OFLP annual plan and key focus areas of the fiscal year were presented by respective experts at regional level. Meantime, major program activities were appraised and ways of alleviating limitations and further promoting strengths were discussed exhaustively. Deputy Director of the Oromia Environment, Forest and climate change Authority Ato Bona Yadesa speaking on the wrap-up of the events said, the authority will make tight follow up, all corrective measures and possible support to insure better accomplishment of the project. Hence, he urged participants to work with utmost commitment and discharge their professional responsibility to a higher level.

Accordingly, it was agreed to deepen coordination, insure comprehensive implementation of safeguard instruments and principles as well as expedite accomplishment of project activities so as to insure effective program accomplishment over the remaining period of implementation.

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