Local Efforts Restoring Degraded Plots

Community-based Afforestation/ Reforestation (A/R) activity, among others areas of intervention, is one of the major strategic activities the Oromia Forested Landscape Program has been supporting over the last three and half years.  Alle Wereda is one of the deforestation hotspot areas of OFPL intervention. It is found in Elu Ababora zone of the Oromia Regional State. Moreover, Alle wereda is one the areas where OFLP supported A/R activities have accomplished remarkable achievement.

‘Biqiltuu Magariisaa’ Plantation Development Cooperative is one of the CBOs engaged in A/R activities in the wereda. It was established in 2018 and has been carrying out an exemplary reforestation activities. It has, currently, 57 members; with 38 of them female, accounting 66%. ‘Biqiltu Magariisaa’ has now been legally promoted to cooperative with an initial capital of 22,000.00 ETB and is in good progress to effect first round OFLP supported livelihood activities. The CBO has now, secured a total of 141,705 ETB for same purpose.

Few Female CBO members discussing their Activities

‘Biqiltuu Magariisaa’ has successfully reforested three hectares of degraded land in Gore 03 kebele, located 25 KM away from Metu, capital of the Zone. In so doing, its members have planted 7,500 trees of various species. The area has now been completely changed into forest in an incredible manner. This has contributed a lot in greening the scene and insuring favorable weather.

 Ato Wendafrash Abate, father of one child, is resident of same kebele is chairman of the CBO. He says ‘Biqiltu Magariisaa’ has done successful job in restoring devastated natural resources.

  ‘‘Previously, this area had been severely degraded and ugly. We are so glad that our effort has become fruitful. In the future, we want to scale up our financial capacity ,engage into fruitful business and  benefit our members. .’’  

W/o Tayech Desta, a housewife and mother of two children, has been active member of the CBO, since its establishment. She is now working as a cashier ‘Biqiltu Magariisaa’. She believes that other women in their locality should also be engaged in such activities and work hard to restore the environment.

‘‘I was motivated to join ‘Biqiltu Magariisaa’ because I was convinced such activities are so important for us, our children and the coming generation. Women members have played outstanding role. Other women should learn from us, engage in such reforestation activities. ’’

       Ato Kifle Bogale, OFLP wereda coordinator at Alle cluster said OFLP supported A/R activities in the cluster are in good progress. He added, ‘Biqiltu Magariisaa’ is one of the legalized cooperatives in the Wereda that are engaged in Community-based forest development activities. He said, members of the CBO have accomplished an exemplary work. According to, Kifle, almost all necessary arrangements have been made to start first round OFLP supported livelihood activities at the CBO. 

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